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About me


I always go by "Emily" at Starbucks.

It sucks to change my name in situations like that and I notice that when I use "Emily", this western side of me shows up. I guess my "names" hold many truths to me.

I am a Japanese-American Actress born and raised in Cupertino, California. I moved down to Orange, California to pursue a BFA in Theatre Performance at Chapman University. I love cats(!!) and I believe the anime Chibimaruko-Chan is me 100% me!


To me, Satoko is a women who tries her best to keep her Japanese/Asian culture amidst the white-washing culture, though at times I fail and thats when "Emily" comes out. Becoming the first  Asian-American women who did _____ isn't really in my planner. I wish to create art that is meaningful and I'm very eager to bring my whole self to any project. I plan to lead my acting career the way I want to; without feeling the need to conform to the "Emily". (Sorry if your name is Emily, I don't mean to call you out, my best friend's name is Emily!) Anyways, I hope to see you down the road!



I was recently notified that there are several fake instagram accounts that are pretending to be me. My only account is private and I have not promoted my website on my instagram. See Contacts for more info. 




My only instagram page is Tokestori. It is a private account as well. Any other instagram account is pretending to be me.  

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